Actual Multiple Monitors


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I've been a Multi-Monitor user for a very long time, be it 2 or 3 monitors, but I've had one problem or another when using them. Today I think I might have found my solution. I was over at WSGF and found this:

I am going to download the demo and try it out and grab the full ver if it does all that I want. I thought I would pass this along to any one thinking about or currently using multi-monitors and wanting more from it. Enjoy!


Tech Monkey
Okay, I just found the first limitation of the software. The company doesn't provide free updates for a licence, they are tied into one ver on the software, so this could get expensive very quickly.


Tech Monkey
I am so hesitant about using win 8 it isn't even funny. I might get it if many of the draw backs can be overcome.

Anyways, I had to remove this because it kept crashing my other programs like my NVCP, firewall, mIRC and a few others. This could be because I am using 5760x1080 or the nvidia beta drivers are doing something funny with putting the task bar on the center monitor, either way I removed it and had no other problems. I also found that it wouldn't configure correctly for 5760x1080 such as you had in the video with the taskbar, that's because I'm setup for 3x1 and not individual monitor resolutions so there is a MAJOR limitation there for what I want to use it for.

This still might be a great option for those with monitors running individual resolutions. Hope this helps anyone.


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There's other software that you may want to try that doesn't incur in that crazy update model.


It's hard to debate which one is better. I personally prefer UltraMon. Cleaner interface, low memory consumption and allows me to define per-application rules.