A Quick Look at Steam's 'Big Picture' Mode


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Valve rolled out the beta for Steam's "Big Picture" mode last night, and as someone with little-to-no patience, I dove right in. As mentioned in our post from yesterday, Valve designed Big Picture with a gamepad in mind (*gasp*), so I was interested to see how smooth the interface would be - after all, Valve is best known for PC stuffs, not console.


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I am of two minds of this honestly. This means I would need a PC with reasonable performance to use it or said PC would need to be mobile from one room to the next. I absolutely love this idea, but in all practicality, I don't see many people using beyond the initial peak of curiosity sadly.

Rob Williams

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This isn't meant for mobile PCs, really. It's meant for a dedicated box that's hooked up to the TV, so that when you just feel like kicking back, you can crash on the couch and continue your gaming (thanks to cloud saves, this is now a reality).

I am so used to PC gaming though that I couldn't even imagine sitting far back from a TV anymore. I want to feel the monitor heat on my body, dammit.