A Look at Frozenbyte's Trine 2

Rob Williams

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Released in 2009, Trine> offered a unique platforming experience, a colorful world, and progression that made it feel like you were really playing through a storybook. With Trine 2, the game introduces a new engine, improved audio and graphics, even more puzzles and best of all, a much-requested feature: co-op.

Check out Mario's preview of Trine 2, and then discuss it here!

Rob Williams

Staff member
Great writeup! I still need to complete the original, but I am stoked for this one. Mario, look at what you made me do:



No ROM battery
Hehe. Good on you! It's shaping up to be a great game indeed. Just as the folks at Frozenbyte have accustomed us.


Meanwhile, Frozenbyte has issued an update to the beta the day before this preview and also clarified some information about the graphics settings. This didn't allow me to include any of these news developments on the text.

The Beta is to be updated with bug fixes as the time approaches for the official release, which is a great way to keep up-to-date on the game development process. So don't expect a stale beta during the whole time the game is waiting for release.


As for the graphics, we've learned that Trine 2 uses deferred shading as its anti-aliasing technique. That's quite an interesting choice due to the complexity of the process and the pressure it puts on the system requirements. But the results are indeed great and Trine 2 does benefit from a smaller polygon footprint. Another recent game that uses this technique is Battlefield 3.

The anti-aliasing settings are currently poorly named on the launcher. So here's their actual meaning:

  • no AA = no antialiasing at all
  • 2x AA = postprocess antialiasing (FXAA)
  • 4x AA = postprocess antialiasing + supersampling
  • 8x AA = postprocess antialiasing + supersampling