A Great Free MMOPG

Rob Williams

Staff member
I heard from some people who've played this, that it's good, though it doesn't have that much content.

Is it free forever, or going to go P2P?


Partition Master
I dunno, another Korean mmorpg? Kinda had some bad experiences with them *cough lineage* *cough lineage2*. But I'll give it a try.

Will Nave

I think they have the same translators from L2 working on this one...

Plus, even though it is free to play I think you have to literally PAY for special items via their online items store.


The One, The Only...
i was once liking guild wars.... Untill they released that second mass beta day... WHn i played ti then i decided it was going to suck.


Partition Master
The game isn't too bad, but man people run way too friggin slow. But it really does remind me of Lineage2. The grind.