90,000 HD-DVD Players Sold Last Weekend

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
In what could be considered 'freaking incredible', Toshiba managed to sell over 90,000 HD-DVD players last weekend, giving them a nice boost in the so-called format war. It's not entirely surprising though, given that most of these players were sold for a mere $99. The models of course are the lower-end HD-A2, but for $99, what do you expect? With all the HD-DVD movie holiday sales to come, Toshiba is no doubt walking with an extra spring in their step.

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90k isn't that impressive, but considering the estimated loss Toshiba took on each unit, we can see why they'd want to limit the supply. The problem for the HD DVD camp is that they're really up against the PS3's sales, and even though only 40% of PS3 owners realize that there is a Blu-ray player built in, that's still about 750,000 people in the US.

Source: Engadget