70% off on 1C games at GamersGate


No ROM battery
This is too good to pass.

Get 70% off on all 1C games today if you buy from GamersGate. This means that the 1C Complete Pack that usually sells close to 100 USD is now selling for a little less than 20 USD.

But at least get King's Bounty Platinum for 8.99. It includes all 3 games in the King's Bounty series. An amazing game and far superior to Heroes of Might & Magic.

Fantasy Wars is also worth taking if you like turn-based wargames. This one adds a 3D look to the usual flat top-down view.

Other very good promotions at GamersGate, btw. Check here. Steam has been pretty boring and uninteresting for the past weeks. Everyone else hasn't.


(GamerGate is a bit like GoG. No DRM for most games and you get to download a full version of the game that doesn't need to run inside a digital distributor client. They are a very good service, with a points system that eventually lets you purchase games for free and a rather loyal community).