4x Titan using HD 7970 VRMs

Rob Williams

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So, this is about as intense as it gets. 4x Titans, each equipped with a VRM ripped from an ASUS HD 7970 card. There are a couple of things I am not understanding though, such as how they got 4x Titans to work when NVIDIA only supports 3x. But given the frankenstein they created here, it's probably best to not ask questions.




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I believe EVGA Titans are 4-way IIRC. Also.... lol nice Shammy is nuts. This zombie is way more ridiculous than the 580 with 480 VRMs.

Evidently... that not just a titan though that's a 7970, and 480 zombie on a titan and another board for PLL.
480 pwm is for memory and matrix pwm is for gpu. Another one board pwm is for PLL. This means one Titan has 3 zombie mods.

EDIT: Wow.... he hit 1450 on the titans, with the 3970 at 5.7 Ghz.
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