100 Game developers


The One, The Only...
I thnk its interesting to see the styles of game developers... The final fantasy creator is artistic, like some of the FFfans ive met. The rainbow six developer looks like a larger than avg redneck, just like the ppl I know who are HUGE into RB6.

The japanesse homosexual looking fags that are still making games like pokemon, and other fruity tyitles that we all have enjoyed atleast one of secretly, look exactly like the homo's youd exect to love their games.

The butch looking chick involved with FEAR... well I think we all know where im going with this by now.

Im sad to see so few females make the list though. There are alot of female dev working behind the scenes, and girls are starting to game.


Girls may be starting to game, but more are into games like 'The Sims' then real games. I would like to someday see a MMORPG where half the population is girls. Fun to meet girls online and to play games together with them. In World of Warcraft, you may have 1 female for every 10 males. Too few play hard core games like WoW or other MMORPG games.