1. Rob Williams

    Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker to Help You Rule Your OS

    Does the name "TweakUI" sound familiar? If so, then you have no doubt been tweaking Windows OSes for quite some time. On its own, this Microsoft-developed tool didn't accomplish anything that couldn't otherwise be handled manually, with registry hacks and other things, but it did make the...
  2. Rob Williams

    What Went Wrong With Windows Wista, Err... Vista

    From our front-page news: Microsoft might not have had the most successful product launch with Windows Vista, and for the most part, they really haven't admitted to their mistakes in a straight-forward manner. Maximum PC decided to tackle the facts... what caused Vista to become a 'failure' at...
  3. Rob Williams

    Is Vista Driving People Towards Linux?

    From our front-page news: Alright, I admit that I'm somewhat of a Linux fan, given it's my primary OS, but I'm not about to make assumptions that Windows Vista is so bad, that it's driving people towards it. Could I be wrong? Well, according to an author at IT Wire, it's a definite possibility...