1. Rob Williams

    Repairing a Broken GRUB 2 Boot-Loader on Ubuntu

    When Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx (10.04) was set out to pasture this past April, it brought a couple of interesting features to the table. The most obvious might be the desktop theme overhaul, but other important changes included improved NVIDIA driver support, the removal of a default GIMP...
  2. T

    SSD Linux reviews

    Hi, I would like to ask if there are any plans to include Linux tests in SSD reviews. It would be good to test not only the performance of a specific SSD but also how well the drive works in Linux (out of the box with existing firmware) and what steps may be required to get optimal...
  3. Rob Williams

    Is Vista Driving People Towards Linux?

    From our front-page news: Alright, I admit that I'm somewhat of a Linux fan, given it's my primary OS, but I'm not about to make assumptions that Windows Vista is so bad, that it's driving people towards it. Could I be wrong? Well, according to an author at IT Wire, it's a definite possibility...