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  1. Rob Williams

    In the TG Lab: Second Generation Apple TV

    It took a month from the time of Apple's announcement, but the second generation Apple TV has finally begun shipping to customers worldwide. We've been using ours for the past couple of days, and are preparing to publish our full review next week. But for now, I'll give some quick impressions...
  2. Rob Williams

    In the TG Lab: ASUS Xonar DG Budget Audio Card

    When ASUS released its first Xonar audio card model in late 2007, it took the PC enthusiast community by storm. No one had expected the company to deliver a truly outstanding product, but it did, and it didn't only impress us, but audiophiles all over. Since that first launch, ASUS has...
  3. Rob Williams

    AC Ryan PlayonHD! mini unboxing

    There are a lot of websites out there that regularly do "unboxings", which are more or less the act of unboxing a product and showing the products in all their glory. Well, I don't think such a thing deserves to take the place of an actual piece of content, or even be found in our news section...