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    How Do I Downgrade From Windows 10?

    This is probably the most common question I have seen asked when relating to Windows 10. Even though I use Windows 10 and don't hate it too terribly (though I do despise some things about it, it's not enough to prompt a downgrade), I do think that the way Microsoft has pushed its latest OS on...
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    Valve Confirmed to be Working on Steam for Linux

    An entity such as Valve wouldn't make the decision to move to Linux unless they believed it would be profitable in the long run. I think the handwriting is on the wall with Windows 8 moving toward the look and feel of Windows Phone 7, and the Mac OS moving toward the look and feel of iOS, and no...
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    A quicky survey...

    Couldn't help myself. ASUS Xonar D2 sound card (TG reviewed) NuForce Icon-1 Integrated Amplifier (12 wpc Class-D 2ch, TG reviewed) NuForce S-1 Speakers (3.5" Titanium-Cone Wideband Drivers, TG reviewed) Velodyne Impact-Mini Powered Subwoofer (180W RMS, 6.5" active, 8" passive) Xonar does D/A...
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    What Caused So Many People to Stick to Firefox 2.x?

    This is kind of a laugh (or rather more of a chuckle), but it wouldn't have been a problem if Mozilla had actually implemented private browsing in version 3. I'd hate to see them get rid of the bookmark drop-down, because I actually make use of it, but if private browsing were used, Firefox...
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    Are Macs Really More Expensive than PCs?

    One thing it's important not to forget in all of this is that many people who purchase Macs aren't looking for a 'less expensive' computer, and they perceive value in a different way than typical consumers. I, for one, think Microsoft is misdirecting their efforts whenever they talk about how...
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    Interview with "Head Psyko" James Hildebrandt

    Before everybody balks at the $400 pricetag, consider that a pair of excellent stereo headphones typically runs in the $250-$300 range. The Psyko cans (actually, that's not entirely accurate) attempt to cram five high-quality drivers, plus two bass drivers and a lengthy set of waveguides, into a...
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    Logitech Z Cinema Speaker System

    Hello, Rob is right on -- these are USB speakers, which means that the 'sound card' is built into the speaker system, and your PC simply transmits a digital signal over the USB cable for conversion in the speakers themselves. You're right -- your existing sound card will simply be taking up...
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    We have been right all along.

    Let's hear it for gaming on the PC! The PC platform for gaming is infinitely more extensible that a console, because I can upgrade my graphics, processing, and audio horsepower simply by making a run to the Fry's, instead of waiting years for the next-generation console to come out. While...
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    [ABT] Nvidia uses GDDR5, Finally !!

    It came as a bit of a surprise to me that these details were leaked via a social networking web site. Once news of this gets around to NVIDIA's top brass, I wouldn't be too happy to be Mr. Chang -- he could even lose his job on account of the slip.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry belated Christmas. I had an extremely nice time with my family for what is likely to be my last Christmas living at home. As a recent college grad who has struggled to find and keep a good job in this economy, I'm optimistic about this latest job that I'll be beginning in January. Have a...
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    I lost my know-how overnight!

    Oh, boy...reading this thread brought me back to a fiasco I went through with the first Antec NeoHE power supply I bought for the PC I built in Spring of 2007. When the line came out, it was plagued with problems, including refusal to boot certain ASUS motherboards. Later revisions of the power...
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    Putting Cash to Good Use: Toys for Tots Fundraiser

    To be thoroughly honest, we actually have to put quite a bit of thought into our site contests and giveaways. We'd love to have more giveaways and contests, but we've got so many other things to think about than simply coming up with ideas for contests, so that's one area that we've given short...
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    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card

    Asenka, the answer here is "Yes, absolutely." In fact, what the Xonar DX sound card lacks is a 'coaxial' digital output -- all digital signal transfer is via an optical digital cable. So the DX will fit perfectly into your upgrade plans.
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    O, Hai!

    Ok, time for some pictures. - This is the subwoofer I used through my latter four years of college. I built it using a driver that I won in a contest to redesign the logo for the company that sold it -- AE Speakers. Much of...
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    O, Hai!

    Right, but the basket itself originated with MTX's original "Thunder" line of subs, and is referred to as the "MTX"-style basket by woofer makers. The 4-spoke basket is referred to as the "Venezuela" basket, and its 15" and 18" versions have six spokes instead of four. The Venezuela basket...