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    The State of Overclocking on Intel Motherboards

    Nice and interesting article rob and that black bios theme was cool
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    Man Gets 30 Months for Selling Pirated Games

    ^^ so downloading the pirate game and using it is ok?
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 & HD 6970 2GB

    Yes we will see another highend from amd and it is 6990. It will release in Q1 of 2011
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

    AMD 6990 delayed to 14th december so now wait longer if you want price war.
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    Coding a Game from Start to Finish in 48 Hours

    Wow man making software and coding is the hardest thing on earth...
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    OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCI Express SSD

    Nice review rob, this is the best pci ssd ever and also affordable and bootable and so much more... I hope intel changes the game with the new ssd in q4 :).
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    Blu-ray: Dogged by delays, will it still have its day?

    Those monster hdmi cable are worth it or not? My uncle told me that they have higher gb which is good for signal...
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    OCZ Revo 120GB PCI Express SSD Performance Preview

    ^^^ hmmm i c, thx for the info.
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    OCZ Revo 120GB PCI Express SSD Performance Preview

    Nice, i am waiting for the review :)
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    Is a New "Tech Support" Scam Impossible to Stop?

    I do believe that people do fall for these scams because 4 or 5 years ago we got a virus in our pc then this program called errorguard installed itself on the pc and automatically scanned it then showed it that we had errors in our pc and to fix it we had to buy it lolo.. My big bro came home...
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    AMD's HD 5550 & 5570 - Now Equipped with GDDR5 Goodness

    Nice review rob, i kinda knew that better memory will give a little more performance...
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    Asus Ramoage II Extreme vs Asus P6T Deluxe v2

    You must be rich ehh? What is your job? As far as i know few ppl in pakistan earn about 40k per month
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    Awake during surgery? It happens!

    Ohh man i remember my dentist nightmare. I went to that ass***** when i was 8 years old and he took my tooth out and man that was so painfull i still remember that :mad: but when i went 2nd time to take out my 2nd tooth it was a new dentist and a good 1 i barly felt any pain :)
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    Taking a Tour of Kingston's Hsinchu Factory

    Hmm interesting stuff and rob did they paid for your trip?