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I forgot to mention that we drove to Nova Scotia a few weeks ago. Stayed at the Rossmont Inn on the way. It was a whirlwind trip so no chance of making contact ... but it might happen again.
We have stop meeting like this. Ppl might think this place has some life.

Hey man,

Holy gosh your website really took off huh? Good job man, is this basically all you do? This is great.

Somehow I was thinking back and wondering if this was still around and it looks like it's going strong. Just typed in techgage in google first result.
deathspawner!! hey buddy its pete, i will be driving threw saint john tommorrow. would enjoy saying hello if possible!
Just testing a little here, was wondering how visitor messages and friends settings work and all. I did expect a little different behaviour lol! I was running a phpbb3 forum myself and included a chat modification in the forum which was pretty cool. You could actually chat with your added friends. Anyway, have a good day.
Mr. Williams, I apologize for bothering you with something so insignificant but I have spent days/hours trying to figure Nero 7 Ultra out in regards to making a movie. Over the years of using Nero I find their instructions so distant and vague in help. Other software programs such as Win Movie Maker allow you to clip with a start and end point to remove unwanted video. So simple, yet after a week; literally; of trying to accomplish this in Nero 7 Vision I am still am no further than when I started. Do you know of any different translations of instructions for Nero 7 which is more definitive than their own that would suffice in helping this old fart achieve his objective? I read your article on Nero 7 from 2005 I believe it was. I would have to applaud your efforts and it is obvious you know your job.
In advance, thanks for your response. Ben
You know it. Happened with a recent version of vBulletin. Appears some of the template is broken on our site though...
Hi Rob,

I was wondering if you could help me, I've just bought this Pioneer receiver,

and have been trying unsuccessfully to connect these speakers to it ef=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1237635402&sr=8-1

> I have connected the speakers to the Logitech subwoofer, then connected that to the subwoofer pre-out on the back of the receiver and have no sound output, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your help and comments.

Hi, I'm a new member and thank you for a nice welcome message. I got a new computer with a E5200, If I'll be using a Norton antivirus 360. Do you think it will slow it down?