XP or Vista

I know I will be jumping to Vista as it is the latest and greatest. bBut probably not on my main rig, As most gamnes wont be compatable with Vista as far as I know. Anyone else have this concern?


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I'll try to get my hands on the Ultimate version or whatever the pro/best version is if they make a corporate edition of them. If no performance gain is made with games then I probably won't use it.


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If the DRM stuff is as bad as some of the doom and gloom sites suggest I'll avoid it until I absolutely have to change.

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I am somewhat concerned with the compatabilitie issues when Vista drops. Same thing that happeneds with XP when it launched and all the damned "XP Certified" stickers that you had to look for on products to know for sure if they would work properly with XP. It will take time, as always, to get everything to play nice but when it does, I look forward to giving it a spin.

That or I will just wait untill I can get it from the Campus bookstore....


I'll admit, Vista has got a nice look to it. If it's everything MS says it is, it'll be worth looking at. As for buying it... I'm going to have to hold out on that. As I did with Windows XP, I waited until after SP1 before getting it. It's always good to let new software settle in before adopting it.


I've been running some of the RC's on & off.
They seem to be fairly stable.
The only real problem I've had so far is finding working drivers for some hardware.
That, I'm sure, will clear up as the release date gets closer.

I haven't had any major problems running any games yet either.

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There hasn't been any real issues with gaming with Vista for like two years. I had games work smooth as heck when it was still called Longhorn.


I'll hold out with XP for as long as is feasible. When the eventual transition demands to be fulfilled, I'll probably end up looking for Vista alternatives based on what the gaming terrain is like at the time.


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XP or Vista?

I know I will be jumping to Vista as it is the latest and greatest. bBut probably not on my main rig, As most gamnes wont be compatable with Vista as far as I know. Anyone else have this concern?

The real question should be: Linux or OSX. However, if I was forced to use Windows I definitely would prefer XP. Better the flaws that you know then the ones you don't.

Yes, Vista is pretty. But sadly, its also pretty slow, buggy, and demands too much of a premium in hardware.

Most of the work, according to Steve Ballmer, on Vista was done in the past two years. Hmmm.... isn't that when Apple introduced OSX Tiger?

For further proof all you had to do was read the Microsoft emails regarding the OSX Tiger copy that they obtained two years ago. How embarassing for them. They were all over Tiger. I could tell you more, but, on the other hand, I have a weak stomach.

The truth is that Vista is nothing more than a desperate attempt on Microsoft's part to bamboozle people into thinking they could produce an OS as good as OSX or Linux. The only sucess that they had was in copying the pretty interface from OSX. Even Beryl and XGl copies them, but at least, the Linux community adds some innovation and new twists.

Microsoft Software Corporation should be renamed the: Microsoft Copying Corporation. Sadly, they not only copy others, but when they do, they produce inferior copies. Name one innovation that Microsoft produce and I probbaly could point you to the source that they copied it from.

Did you know, for instance, that the early builds of Vista had the exact same OSX icons. I mean the SAME! One editor of a Mac blog took the time to compare them under the microscope, as it were, and found that they were indeed identical.... I mean identical except they were reversed! Same pixel count... you name it.

Maybe some day Vista will be better than XP, but I am not going to hold my breath waiting.