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Has anyone had any GOOD experiences with their own wireless surround systems?
Everything I have read seems to be negative with regards to interference from other wireless sytems within the home (router, phones, etc)


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I wanted to grab one of the Logitech Z-5450 for a review, but they said no. (from the "At Least I Tried" department)

Honestly, however, I think that there exists a real market for computer speakers that use virtual surround algorithms like Dolby Virtual Speaker and SRS TruSurround to simulate the 5-channel sound field. This would do away with the very need for rear speakers, while wireless surround systems are just a more expensive solution to the problem of wiring the rear speakers. Before you say virtual surround algorithms are bogus, Denon has used Dolby Virtual Speaker to great effect in a couple of their recent HTiB systems (Home Theater in a Box). My home theater currently doesn't have much space for rear speakers, so I've been using the Dolby Virtual Speaker processing on my Harman/Kardon receiver, and it's really surprising what's possible. I don't know why this type of DSP technology hasn't been more widely applied to computer speaker systems. Bose's solution, though involving DSP to some extent, is more complicated than it needs to be, I think, and certainly more expensive. In my opinion, the answer in this case isn't to go wireless, but to eliminate the rear speakers altogether, and simulate them using DSP.

I hope Altec Lansing took notice of my review of their PT6021 system, in which I commented on this subject. If they're paying attention, they could seriously get the jump on the competition with a product to fill this niche.
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Dear Tater,

HUH? Rob said ~ "this guys knows his sound @#$%" or something like that, but... If you want to join me in the IRC chat for techgage and explain some of the Swahili to me, I'd appreciate it. One day I would like a wireless surround sound system.

As payment in advance I offer the following: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/taters.php

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If you HAVE to get a wireless surround system, I suggest looking at Teufel Audio from Germany. They make some pretty good things.


I would have loved to give the z-5450 a try, but before I was able to allocate enough budget-wise, Logitech discontinued them and withdrew them from the market.

ATM, I think the only company that is actively marketing a wireless surround system is Creative (The G550w if i'm not mistaken). I like Taterworks suggestion of using a Virtual surround solution. We currently have two 5.1 pioneer systems in our home, and both have the rear satellites front mounted with a 'virtual-surround' option enabled. Running rear satellites just wasn't worth the hassle, and i'm sure this applies to many pc user's home environs as well.

On a personal note, I used two Klipsch Promedia 2.1 systems together in a 4.2 arrangement for about three years. It was fun, but there were a few downsides. Room for subwoofers and the large tangle of wires was one, but I also noticed, more and more, as I played more games that using 2.1 was totally adequate for my needs, especially for MMO's and quick online FPS sessions. It was also harder to use all four speakers when others where in the house without disturbing them. I think that's why I was so keen on trying out Logitech rear wireless solutions.
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