Whats your job?

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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Where do you all work?

I am currently a network admin at a beer and wine distributor. Oh, and I write for slave driving Rob. What do you do?


The Tech Wizard
Comcast tech CT3
Residential and commercial networks
VOIP Telephony set up and repair ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) Comcast network only ( nothing like Vonage or Sun and rocket8 )
HiDef / Surround systems ( entertainment systems )

Mainly I work networks for residential customers ( celebrities ) :eek:
And commercial network ( static IP's )
You should see the tips I get....lol
:techgage::techgage: Merlin :techgage::techgage:
Working the Magick


In addition to moonlighting as Captain Chaos...
I do product tech support for the automotive industry, which means I play around until someone calls in with a problem that I solve for them as quickly as I can. I speak with 200-250 parts stores each day.
The best thing about the job is that I never have a "to do" list... when I log my phone off for the night I don't take any work home with me.
Also I get to surf the web at work to keep my stress level down.:D


Student...wanting to get a mechanical engineering degree.

I worked at Simplicity Mfg for a year in HS (the plant is closed now, thanks Briggs and Stratton), long story short I didn't like how I was treated and got out of there just before they moved the department down closer to Milwaukee. Now I work at a small material handling (conveyor) shop, which was much better than SMI (but hoping to get out of there to do more 3d stuff and higher pay)


I work for Arrow Electronics. We are an IBM Distributor for e class servers.

Im on the System x Tech/Engineer Team. I deal with Intel, and AMD based Servers. From 1U single processor to 16 Processor Quad core machines with 512GB of RAM.
I also deal with enterprise storage and Blade Servers.

Those are the chassis. The "H" Chassis holds 14 Blades. Essentially 14 separate servers.
And these are the blade servers

food for thought :)