what free virus scanner do you use?


I've tried Sorton and McLagme but I've yet to find anything better than AVG. I've referred my family to use it and coworkers. It's worth it. :)

Rob Williams

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Yes, but in security tests [As of end of 2003], AVG only detected and successfully cleaned 65% worth of Virii in tests.

McAfee scored 96%. However, for free, AVG is likely the best you can get. Unless FSecure has a free version.. that was the highest rated Virii scanner in that test.

Things could have changed since then though..


If you do not use the Realtime scanning utilities, and just use it for a periodic check, I would suggest just using housecall.antivirus.com.

I prefer Symantec corporate antivirus. Put it on a server or single pc, and anything added to the network can be scanned from that PC. For free though, AVG is the way to go.



i use a multitude of software scanners but my favorite is definitely by far webroot spy sweeper. spy sweeper has detected the hardest to find viruses on my system such as haxdoor for example where as others failed to find it.

I also use;
1. Moosoft the cleaner anti-virus 4.1 build 4252
2. Lavasoft ad-aware SE pro 1.06r1
3. Spybot 1.4 (Kolla ware)
4. hijackthis 1.99.1
5. Xoftspy 4.15 from Pareto Logic
6. Microsoft Anti-Spy Beta
7. Ontrack Fix-it Utilities 4.0 (no longer in production)

most all of these programs r ok except the microsoft one will seriously mess u up if u dunno how to use it. and the moosoft cleaner is basically worthless unless ur doing spot scanning of ur downloads then it is very handy. the fix-it utilities is good for registry cleaning and also for disk fixing when needed.


Being in the military allows me free use of Symantec corporate edition, with unlimited support. Its pretty nice and something I wished they would advertise more to persons in the military. Speaking of which,

Any of you Army personnel reading this. Do a search for Computer Emergency Response Team or ACERT and log on to the website using your AKO logon. Then go to the tools section and download your AV software from either Symantec, or McAfee and I think one other. You can also DL Symantec's software fireewall. I personally really like the firewall, easy to use and fairly thurough.

I also use Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE, Spybot SD, and on occasion HiJackThis.


I used AVG for a while and thought it was pretty good. A friend then convinced me to try NOD32... and the rest, as they say, was history. An excellent anti-virus program IMO :)


reptilezs said:
i currently use avg but im looking to see if there are any other programs that are better than avg.

There's been a lot of solid input, but consider that you already have an better-than-average virus scanner in the form of AVG. For being as well-rounded and able as it is, the fact of its FREE nature goes a long way towards hoisting it up with the other top players in the field.


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spiffyp said:
Don't tell me I'm the only person here to have heard of/used Avast?!

Check it out, the home version is free & seems to run much better than AVG.


Nope, you're not the only one...........:eek: I use it also..........:cool: Totally happy with it.

Along with Ad-Aware Pro.........:)


Rob Williams said:
.......McAfee scored 96%. ..
That and in 2005 they lead the field in fastest response to threats (by a large margin, in some cases), it's not safe to have to waits a few hours, let alone days or (worse case) a week or more, to get protection/new detection files.
Also I get it free with my comcast account:)

Greg King

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I am currently using Symantec Corporation 2005. It is free from my university book store. Thats why I use it but to be democratic, as long as you can live with any performance hits that a background program like any AV will cause, most will do you well. I have read good things about AVG and McAfee alike but I personally use Symantec. 'Tis me.


Uninstalling Symantec-anything is tough cookies. It likes to meld itself to the system as several processes and other mischief-makers. It does a good job, though, and one can occasionally get on a deal with a retail store offering Norton Anti-Virus or Internet Security or other products for free after rebates.


After years of likeing Symantec's systemworks (and getting it free after rebate every year) I stopped about 2-3 years ago hwen their autoinstalled hidden tools became more invasive than helpful, and required other third party tools to fully remove.


I use McAfee and am very pleased with the antivirus, but the firewall is less effective than Zone Alarm per instance and has less options.
Norton Antivirus is well known to have flaws and does not give the right protection too, slow in response.... used it, dumped it.