vista boot problem maybe?????


Hello, everyone

on the 10th of march I did a schedule windows update the update consisted of a security update an update for movie maker and an update for office 2007. now my pc won't boot properly. I can hear the os startup music but I can't see anything. I'm running a HP amd quad core with 3 gig ram 8500 geforce grfx card and windows vista.

The strange thing is I can bring it up in safe mode so I,m pretty sure it's not a monitor or grfx card issue. I used system restore and several different restore points but that didn't work. Then I tried startup recovery and it did not find any problems. I ran diagnostics scan and tried last known good configuration still nada. Then after 2 days it finally came up.

So I stopped windows update from re installing the latest stuff and thought everything was fine... Until I restarted my PC now I'm back in the same boat. I see the HP splash screen and the scrolling bar for windows vista. but just as the os is about to kick over my monitor goes black and displays the message No Signal Input but then I hear the os startup music. I am not sure what else to do besides re installing windows but that is a last resort. If anyone can give help or suggestions I would appreciate it Thanks.

Rob Williams

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Ugh. You've done all the same steps I would have done, including booting to Safe Mode and also using System Restore. Did you happen to re-install the graphics driver when you were in Safe Mode (might not be possible) or when you were back in Windows when it was working properly? One idea is to boot into Safe Mode again, uninstall the GPU driver, then reboot and see if Windows works. If it does, the it probably <em>was</em> the GPU driver.


Hi Rob,
Thanks for the reply. I just did a nvidia driver update and re installed AVG free 9.0 cause in the device manager when i clicked view and show hidden devices there was a triangle with an exclamation point next to AVG Free AVI Loader Driver x86 not sure if it was part of the problem but everything SEEMS ok so far. But judging from past experiences I won't hold my breath. I'll have to keep a close eye on it everytime I reboot.

Btw I mentioned in my first post I turned off Windows update do you think it's safe to turn back on? I hid those potential problem updates so they would not install but what if I need them? Is there a way to get an update that keeps failing to install correctly? Thanks again for the response and help. I'll keep an eye on it:).


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As a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, I 110% love and support your avatar!!! I just laughed my ass off looking at it closely for the first time!

As for the updates, I have had that issue and they seem to eventually fix themselves most of the time. I realize this is a crappy answer, but that has been my experience.


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A similar sounding problem that I did, was to set a screen resolution beyond what my monitor could handle. I was checking out another monitor & forgot to set it back to what my older monitor could handle.

I doubt that it is exactly this, but perhaps something similar.