Valve's Steam Receives UI Overhaul

Rob Williams

Staff member
For many first-person shooter fans, Valve is known as a company to deliver some truly incredible titles. These of course include the Half-Life, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead series. But the way things are going, those who have ever played any of these titles are out-numbered by the sheer number of people on Valve's Steam content distribution system. Currently, that number sits at 25 million users, which equates to a growth of 200% over the past year alone.


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there is a bug, if you have MW2 do not opt-in for the beta, steam will try and download a patch, but is 11 gigs, just a heads up, it could be fixed but it was like that last night


Techgage Staff
Staff member
Everybody that has tried this has had SOME type of problem, it's really buggy. Some people are having their games redownload, others completely lose the in-game overlay (happened to me twice already), and for some the browser fails to work. When you view games you recently played, it will say "Last Played: Tomorrow" as well... it looks good, but it has way to many bugs for me to recommend it to anyone but the most adventurous right now.