Upgrade or not for my Memory system


hey guys hope you could help me about this...as on my profession I am doing all the video editing, specifically im using Adobe premier. My system is Biostar Hi-Fi A55S3 motherboard with AMD A8-6500 and 4 GB DDR3. Anyway if i am looking in the task manager there is always enough Memory free during video editing.

question is Now i am wondering if a memory upgrade to 8 GB would really make sense in that case? Or could it be a too slow CPU?

Thanks for reply inadvance.


Tech Monkey
Well, it depends. How much ram is reserved for other apps in the settings? On my machine it is 3 Gb not a ton but I also have a total of 24 Gb. That said what is the issue your having? long render times, slowdowns, what? The A8 is not all that powerful for video editing either. Intel chips are much better suited for that.


hello DarkStarr,

what do you mean its not fast? I always thought both manufacturers are almost the same.

what bugs me is during rendering or working i would like to switch to other programms too. and it feels just slow to wait till firefox opens or the file browser, even if i started it before already. :/