Steam Mac Beta Gets Quick Test

Rob Williams

Staff member
Since its original rumor, we've talked a fair bit about Valve's Steam client on Mac, and I have a good feeling we'll be talking about it for a while, as it's interesting in so many ways. As large as Valve is, its in-house game collection is small, but with all those available for the Mac, owners of Apple PCs will suddenly be able to play most or all of them without setting up a dual-boot machine.


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Tech Monkey
I still feel this is a smart step in the evolution of Macs if they can get more games ported over through Steam. THe main draw for PC's over the Mac is gaming if you ask me. THere are plenty of people out there over-paying for Dells, HP's, etc that would buy a Mac if they had a good library of games.


this a good and bad thing i think, im very happy are follow mac friends will finally start getting some games to play other the rare EA games and blizzard games.

the bad thing is with all the crazy rules Apple is putting on Ipad/Iphone devs might move to game devs that want to port to mac it hasn't happened yet, but if more and more games start to get release on mac apple might come in

this not an apple bash, i think apple product are well made. the only problem i have is apple track record of doing stupid things (i.e drop support for new OS on hardware that's still usable)