Report: Kids Spend 8 Hours on Media Daily

Rob Williams

Staff member
At 26, I'm not what I'd consider old, but as I was growing up, I remember my mom limiting the amount of time I could spend sitting in front of a screen, whether it be a TV or a computer. Which sucked, because you have no idea how addicted I was to Blockout on our 286! Looking back though, I think it was a good move to limit that time spent in front of a TV, because it forced me to to something else, possibly educational, which obviously can lead to greater rewards than finding out the plot to a TV show.


You can read the rest of our news post here.


I also think its important to limit the time. Not because over exposure is going to do anything, but if they are watching tons of tv and playing games.. what they AREN'T doing is studying :p

But I'm pretty fair with my 5 year old. He likes to play pc games so I give him about a couple hours a day.