Photonic Thruster concept appears to be proven


Partition Master
This is some amazing stuff.

Dailytech article

EE Times

Bae Institute

100km/s. 1 week to Mars. Can we say: 'Please fasten your safety belts'?

I'm going to enjoy reading new science fiction novels as time goes on, just to see how the authors cope with all the fiction that is steadily becoming fact.

A concern is that while the propulsion system is a great leap for aeronautics, that whole bit about 'weapons grade [laser] beam in a small package' is probably drawing interest for other reasons.


I'll be amazed when they do actually launch a mission to establish a base on Mars with this.

Working prototypes are nice, but I want to go to Mars people! Get working! :D


The Tech Wizard
I would say it's already invented, just now someone got it to work to some degree. It's almost like a light bulb shining on a solar panel connected to the light bulb. It would work for a short while.
Solar sails are a better idea, only it's one way, one way away from the sun or nearest star.
They are still processing the nuclear engine for outerspace travel.

Mirlin's 00.2


The One, The Only...
I still say that since these are relatively low initial velocity propulsion ideas that it may be a better idea to initially use a fuel and then use them to continue the acceleration.


If you added water-cooling, could you overclock this thing 15%?

As a matter of fact, no, I don't believe so. The problem with cooling in space is that you can only cool using radiated heat... So basically, it's probably already water cooled. :)