Oblivion AA+HDR Support

Does anyone know how to get HDR+AA running at the same time in oblivion?
I know the 8800 and 9800 cards support it, but you have to force them and I can't figure out how.


The Tech Wizard
Try the Nvidia Control panel :rolleyes:

If your card support it, then you can make adjustments.
Also in the game settings you can turn it off and on ( 2X 4X etc. )
Which I'm sure that card does.
But mostly in the game settings

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Rob Williams

Staff member
I have no idea to be honest how to pull this off, since I'm sure it's not an option within the game. I assume you need to set HDR inside the game, and then hit up the NVIDIA Control Panel as per Merlin's suggestion, and edit the Oblivion-specific profile.

There, you could force an Anti-Aliasing and other settings. Or, you could always see if there is a relatively new Oblivion patch that may take care of it.
There is a Way to force the AA in the NControlpanel, but it doesn't effect the game. I have read alot on other forums on how to do this but still no process of how to do it. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually.