Nintendo to Launch 3D Gaming Handheld in 2011

Rob Williams

Staff member
I think it's clear by this point that companies of all stripes are taking this whole "3D" thing very seriously, from display vendors to content producers to even GPU manufacturers like NVIDIA. When thinking of 3D though, most people (rightfully so) picture a huge TV, and possibly some funky glasses. Nintendo sees things a bit differently, and aims to deliver a 3D experience on its... Nintendo DS.


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I've always been a big fan of Nintendo so I'm really excited for this. I've owned pretty much every single Gameboy including the original brick sized one and excluding the "newest" microGBA or w.e it's called. I currently own a DS Lite and I was interested in getting one of those new DSiXL's but now that the 3DS is announced, why waste the money.

Anyways, one idea I've seen is to utilize a accelerometer like the iphone. There was one app that used the accelerometer to render "3D" images of these cubes/boxes. I don't know if it's been confirmed to have an accelerometer but it should have a camera at least and they might use the camera to detect which direction the DS is facing like they're doing right now with this DSi app.

But what I'm most interested in is using both screens as one screen. I've always hated how the DS screens are so widely separated and when a cut scene is shown on both screens it's very awkward to watch.