Nintendo still selling units like mad...

Rob Williams

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Ars Technica is reporting on new data released from the NPD Group, and I have to say, Nintendo really knows how to sell a lot of product.

Nintendo Wii: 425,000
Nintendo DS: 405,000
Xbox 360: 170,000
Playstation 3: 159,000

It blows me away that both consoles I dislike (Wii/DS) are selling THAT well. The DS has been out for almost three full years, and they still manage to sell over 400,000 units a month. Absolutely staggering, really.


I was blown away the other day when I saw a stack of Wii consoles in my local supermarket (it's massive, has a GameStop in it).
I haven't seen a console for sale in months.


The One, The Only...

look at the all time charts... Lol.

DS is 790,000 > Xbox360 + PSP + PS3 + Wii.


There are also some interesting numbers when you look at the Jap vs US sales these days. Maybe that is why there is a gaining and growing focus on ports to the US these days?
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What I'm curious about is what they're gonna do with all the factories when they don't need production to be so high...


We've still got a ton where I live, most of the gaming stores are well-stocked. My wife and I are in a heated debate over whether a Wii or a computer upgrade is in store for the holiday season (I'm a PC gamer, but she's a huge Mario Party / Talisman fan).