Netbook - plugged in not charging error

Richard Searle

Techgage Staff
I am having a problem with my netbook and I am hoping someone out there will have the answer.

Today when I plugged in the netbook it will not charge. I am getting the error, (plugged in not charging). The battery indicator is showing 4% battery life but as soon as I unplug it powers down. the indicator on the laptop is not lighting up either to show it as charging.

Any idea's will help. I am hoping it is not the battery.

Rob Williams

Staff member
That error tends to happen when the battery is near-full, not near-empty. You might want to plug it in and go into the BIOS to see if there is some battery calibration feature. Another might be to go into Windows and disable all power-related features, such as "shut down with 5% battery", so that the laptop will just shut off when the battery hits 0%. Then, just maybe, it will begin to charge when you boot back up.

It could also be a problem with the power cable or power socket. Try a different socket and if possible, a different power bar (if you have another that has the same end and the -exact same- voltage/wattage values).


Techgage Staff
Staff member
Could mean the battery need replacing, how old is it?

Do you have any other batteries, and do those work okay? If ya don't, then I'd suggest grabbing a pencil eraser and carefully cleaning the battery contacts on both the battery & the laptop, using a toothbrush and can of air instead if needed. It's a slim chance, but if something wasn't making proper contact then the battery would refuse to charge; it's a built in safety feature. With some wear it can happen.