Net jobs... i really need something :P


Yo, this is an attempt to find any info or just any "blah" anyone has to say about an online job.i work at a store "rather not give details" its lame and im sick of it. i just finished a Pc tech course and just looking to find a place to start a job online in that kind of field. if anyone understands me, like a Tech online site of some sort.

Please reply, Thanks.

Will Nave

I suggest you go register and post your resume information on the following sites:

Smaller boards less frequented by most employers:

After posting your information make sure you update once every two weeks or so regardless if you change anything in your profile. By updating you stay within the default search range of 2 weeks - 30 days in the database's employee search query box. Otherwise, if you let your profile sit untouched for 2 weeks or more, chances are employers will not even see your resume even if you match the skills they are looking for perfectly.

You may also want to look into seeking employment through Recruiting firms like the one I do Technical recruiting for. The following are just a few examples of the bigger companies in the IT/Engineering areas right now:

Manpower Professional
Volt Technical Services
Advanced Technology Services

The most important thing is getting your resume out there and seen. PC Tech's aren't that hard to find, though qualified/experienced Tech's who have up-to-date skills can be. When submitting your resume to generalized recruiting firms you should give them an all inclusive look at your skillset. However, you should always tailor your resume to each specific position you are applying for and ALWAYS submit a cover letter telling the client why you are interested, why you would be a good fit for the position, and what advantages you bring to the table.

If you have any further questions feel free to post here.



I tryed a few of the links to see what they offer, but arent most of there jobs about making you move to a new location and work at some Building or company, I mean a job where i sit at home on my PC and work. I hear all kinds of rumors that there are jobs like this but i never yet encountered a Real one, i've tryed a few and even called them but were 100% scams,that just beat around the bush wanting money.... Maybe there is none for what im looking for.
Thanks tho for your help.

Will Nave

No, not all of them... and by using the job boards I don't mean looking at the jobs that are posted, you need to get a resume uploaded to them and get your information out there for available employers to find you. If you are looking specifically for P.C. Tech work I highly doubt you will find anything you can do from home. Web Development, Programming, Graphic Design, and even some Analyst positions can be done via home or telecommuting; though a lot of companies prefer youto be on location so they can not only monitor your efficiency first hand, but make sure you are working the entire time. (plus they dont' have to pay expenses for ISP, phone bills, etc...)

Get your info. online and companies in your local area will start calling, just make sure your grammar, spelling, and format are acceptable when posting a resume.