My Razer Copperhead Died!! HELP!! No support from Razer!


Need some help from you all.

I bought a Copperhead back in October from EBay . It was brand new and sealed. I really loved this mouse... This weekend it died. :dead: It still lights up and the buttons seem to work but the mouse does not move. I found a Knowledge Base item on Razer's website that said if this happens call tech support. I did and they said that they would not RMA it because I bought it on EBay. The darn thing cost me $95.00. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Has anybody else had this problem?



Sorry man, I don't own one. I don't suppose the guy that sold it would consider exchanging it. Fat chance huh?

Did you do a search of the web forums for possible answers?


Maybe not...
What pisses me off is that the Razer's web site say
Two (2) Year Limited Warranty: For the next two years, if your Razer product is defective, we’ll replace it."
I have only had the mouse six months.
Maybe I should be looking at Logitech G5

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[FONT=&quot]First off, I wouldn't have told them that you purchased it on eBay. Aside form that, I would perhaps call and ask to talk to a tier 2 service rep and see if they can help you because the higher up the chain of command you go, the more power and authority they have to make a decision to exchange your faulty mouse. Explain your situation to them and they might take pity on you. I would really sell your situation to them and let them know that you really enjoy the Copperhead and that it's the best mouse that you have ever used.... you know, butter them up a bit. Also, it's isn’t really their responsibility to help you since you didn't get it from one of their vendors but the last thing that any company wants is a pissed off customer so perhaps they will help you out just to quiet you. Regardless, let me/me know how it turns out as I am interested how their customer service is.

I love my Copperhead but the layout and feel of the Logitech line is more natural to me. If you can't get anywhere with the Copperhead, you won't be at all disappointed with the G5.

Good luck!
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The warranty is probably only between the company and the original purchaser. If you've bought it from someone else, then they would more than likely hold the warranty. I've learned that through the years.

Does suck about the mouse, and sorry to hear it. G5 is a fine mouse if you're looking at it.
eBay is a touchy subject.

If the seller was an authorized Razer retailer, AND had permission to sell online (the two do not go hand in hand), then all you need to do is provide the eBay receipt, or contact the seller for a copy of the payment.

If the seller was an authorized Razer dealer, but NOT an authorized online retailer, you do not have a warranty.

If the seller is an authorized online retailer, but ONLY through their storefront, eBay is going to be an issue. While eBay provides "storefront selling", technically it is not in compliance with most manufacturer's policies for online sales. Again, you should contact the seller, if they were a storefront, and request proof of purchase and warranty.

If the seller was a private individual, who perhaps got the mouse as a Christmas present and did not want it, you're out of luck. Most warranties are not transferrable, so're stuck with no warranty.


If you bought the mouse from an eBay-er who claimed to be an authorized reseller, it's highly possible that providing that link in an e-mail to a customer support person at Razer can get your mouse fixed or replaced. Most companies do not penalize the customer for a fraudulent seller........and, in fact, many will thank you for giving them the info, as they can now take steps to shut that seller down.


Agreed, but...
I have never had that problem with hard drives or even a mother board I had to send back to ASUS. Besides, no where in the warranty does it say original purchaser. I think that it's poor support and weak on their part. They lost a customer and hopefully a few more who read these postings...

Thanks for the great replies


I e-mailed the guy that sold it to me and he said that he bought it best buy but he didn't have the receipt. I foward this to Razer and still no RMA.

On one of Razer's forums I found that there is a lot of people who bought the blue cooperhead having the same issue.

I guess its time for small claims law suit!

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Not wanting to step on your e-toes here but a lawsuit would do nothing. If you go to any companies forums, you will likely see a troubleshooting thread because problems will inherently happen. I would also like to believe that anyone purchasing their products did so from a store and not on eBay. Of course the person you bought the mouse from didn't have the receipt. A lot of the hardware that you can buy on eBay are items that didn't completely pass the companies quality control but worked 90% correctly. This was the case with a Microsoft Explorer 4.0 mouse I got on eBay because the price was too good to be true. Well, it was. The thing's left mouse button stopped working within 2 months and there was nothing that I could do about it. I knew what I was getting into buying the thing on eBay so there really wasn't a leg for me to stand on.

What happened to you was/is unfortunate but you did purchase the item on eBay. One would like to be able to trust the people they are buying goods from but the internet makes things so impersonal that guys can get away with selling known bad products with no ill-effects.

Sorry about your mouse but learn from this. Don't take your frustration of making a mistake yourself, out on Razer as I am sure they would honor the warranty if you had purchased it through one of their licensed retailers.


I watch People's Court on television. Several times Ebay cases came up on the show. The judge said on television that Ebay items are considered "as is" items, even if the person selling the item doesn't list "as is" in his description. The same as buying an item at a Flea Market is considered "as is", regardless of whether the seller tells you it is "as is" or not.
That's basically what I said. Warranties only apply to the original purchaser, if bought from an authorized retailer. Unless the warranty specifically states "Lifetime Transferrable", you can assume it is not transferrable.

I don't take the People's Court as "truth", as they are strictly the laws of that state, not the whole country. There are several reputable businesses on eBay, who are authorized resellers, and can honor a warranty. It's all in how the reseller and the distributor/manufacterer set up their contracts.

In any case, as I said, you bought from a third party, which is considered a used item. Razer has no obligation to honor the warranty.


Thanks all for the great feedback. I still don't understand how the disk drive companies do it. I bought a whole lot of drives from different sources and never had an issue warranting them. (assuming they are still under the warranty period.)
I thought that at least in California that the terms of a warranty need to be spelled out.


Hate to say this, but...

edit: heh, just looked at the date of the other posts, and realized that nobody will probably ever see this {sigh}

You are royally screwed. Hell, I'm screwed and you have one more degree of separation than I do. Here's a copy of the email I received from "customer service", if you can even call "one dude sitting in front of a phone and answering it when he feels like it" service.

And by the way, I posted my ticket on a Friday(2/29/08), and the next Wednesday(3/5/08), I received this response:

Hi there,

We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer any refunds as the Razer Lachesis was not purchased directly from our Razer Web store.

You may want to approach your retailer for a refund instead.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Razer Customer Support

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: EQL-817464
Department: Technical Support - US / Canada
Priority: High
Status: On Hold​

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to do business with this company again (oops, forgot the sarcasm tag) - btw, the purchase was made from best buy. Seriously, how can any respectable company NOT support a purchase made from Best buy?? Oh, right.. i'm still talking about Razer...


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Some places will instruct you to talk to the retailer if you want a refund. If you want an RMA or an exchange for a working item, then the same place would allow it.

I'm not sure if that would be the case for Razer, but I would find it amazing if they refuse to honor an exchange for an item if purchased from Best Buy. Some companies like Antec require you to keep your receipt before ever honoring a warranty, but Razer didn't even mention this either...

I also didn't realize the dates unitl Squeeg mentioned it, but about that defective MS mouse DarkSynergy... did you even attempt to warranty it?

I've bought MS mice from several places, including eBay. When my Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 up and died MS did not ask about where I got it, and did not require me to send the unit in for a replacement. Just as with hard drives all they need is the S/N number off the dead unit. Because shipping a dead mouse is cost prohibitive they just send you a new one instead.
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Buy another one from Worst Buy, then switch them and return it. They sold me a $700 camcorder with a plan that's oh...only good for cleanings? Now they sell and damage plan, but not 2 yrs ago when I bought it. I told them to honor it this one time or they would pay more. Now I buy and swap to make them pay.