Microsoft Serious About Punishing Gamerscore Cheaters

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
Cheaters. Some love them, most hate them. Of course, we know that the people who love them, are them. To help eliminate them from Xbox Live, Microsoft has taken an entirely new approach to laying the smack down. Best of all, it's hilarious.

If someone is caught cheating to increase their gamerscore (it happens a -lot-), Microsoft will remove ALL of the points earned by the player up to that point. On top of that, absolutely no gamerscore points can be earned back from previously earned achievements. Since I dislike cheating and think it's foolish, I love this idea. Though it's a harsh punishment, what do these people expect? Sure, they earned some of their points legitimately, but it doesn't matter if you pay for one chocolate bar and steal another... it's the same crime.

What might be even funnier is the fact that someone wasted no time at all in creating a new blog thats sole purpose is to publicly humiliate these cheaters, if their Xbox Live accounts are found to have suffered such a fate. Good times. Maybe now we won't be seeing so many games with 100,000+ gamerscores.

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The problems with cheating on services like Xbox Live are myriad, but our biggest problem is that, if we lose - which, of course, is almost statistically impossible and would likely cause a chrono-rift in the space-time continuum – we assume the other party was cheating ... especially if the other party's gamertag is an illegible gaggle of letters and numbers, flanked by various capitalizations of 'x'.

Source: Joystiq


The Tech Wizard
These are the people that have cheated all their life...some cheated through school, maybe even cheated through college and even maybe have a business and cheat us out of our earned paycheck.....have a nice big house with cheater buddies..

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Good for MS, and I hope all the cheaters that get pissed over this have massive heart attack and die.

Cheaters and spammers need to be put in a small boat and sunk to the bottom of the sea.


The Tech Wizard
Not in the least, Liers, cheaters and spammers, are all pretty much worthless in my book.
Less we forget those who write viruses for their entertainment.
Some so bad we have to replace a main drive, allfor their enjoyment:eek:

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