iPhone 5 Performance Leaves Competition Eating Dust

Rob Williams

Staff member
When Apple announced its latest iPhone, rumors soon-after hit the Web of leaked benchmarks that placed it well above the competition. With phones finally reaching the hands of fans, though, we're finally able to get some hard numbers, and as usual, Anand wasted no time to get down and dirty with some benchmarking. The results? Very much in Apple's favor.


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Partition Master
I am not that keen on specs, but yesterday, in Fredericton, on the way to Halifax and PEI, I actually got to play with an iPhone 5 from a guy I met at Future Shop, and I was quite impressed with its speed and power, and the screen was fabulous, just fabulous, not too big, not too small, and even though it sort of looks like the iPhone 4S, I find it much more attractive.