Internal IDE hard drive to External



My PC has died and stupidly I didn't back up! So, I have removed my old hard drive and want to use a cradle to convert it to an external USB drive to transfer the files over to my new PC.

I have seen that this can be done, but as I have windows on the old drive, will this cause problems when I connect it up to my new PC with windows already installed? Am running XP home on both.



Soup Nazi
Get an external HDD USB cage and hook the drive up to it. Make sure it's for the same drive you have and not SATA or 2.5" laptop drive. Then just hook it to the PC while the PC running so that there's no chance the PC will attempt to boot to it and transfer your heart away.


Do I have to do anything with the "Jumper" settings, or literally, just plug it in after start up?