In the market for a Quad core upgrade? Check this deal!

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Thats a great deal now for anyone looking for new CPU and motherboard. In about a month, Intel is supposed to drop prices on their CPU lineup bringing the Q6600 just under 300 dollars (US).

I have no experience with that motherboard but it's based on the reference NVIDIA design, just like the eVGA board Rob looked at a week ago.

Not a bad deal at all... for now.


Well, like I said.. currently the CPU's themselves are going for $100 more than that - plus you're getting a $265 motherboard thrown in.. Pretty good deal even in a month from now when you do the math.. (300 CPU + 265.00 or 244 at NCIX for the motherboard= between 544 & 565..) Still won't be able to buy them seperately for that price in a month or so.. Work in the exchange (add 10%) plus duty plus shipping,blah blah blah... Far more worthwhile to jump on the bandwagon now - unless there's going to be a major drop in motherboard prices inside of the next month..


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$520 USD for those parts will still be a good deal come July 22, and is a fantastic deal right now. No rebates either. Thanks for posting!


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Wow that is a nice deal
The CPU alone is worth more than that

( going off to count pennies )



There are some awesome deals on this forum, most of them seem to be a bit outdated, how are the prices on CPU's and motherboards now in comparison to when the bundle deal was going on?