I was banned from texas roadhouse


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FIrst off... Ive had the two of the worst days of my life the last two days...

So i go into texas roadhouse and im not in the best off moods but i want a steak... I walk in... A stroller that was leaned up against a wall fell over so i went to pick it up for the host staff... Then i asked for a table. On my way to the table when the hostess asked how i was I said "I feel like I've been kicked in the balls and drug through the mud" to wich she responded with a laugh.

After eating my meal and talking with randee (one of the waitresses there who I think is rather cute and looks devine) I was in a much better mood. The manager then came to me with my check and told me that she was going to take care of the check but that i was to never come back there again. She proceeded to tell me that the hostess was in tears when she went to speak with her and that what i said was totally unacceptable "if it was me i would have jsut blown that off but other people just take things differently" I then tried to tpay for my check to which she refused and said "just take care of randee" to which i replied "I only have a $20 and my card" she refused to let me pay and just said "she can get it off of your card, just dont come back" to which I replied "im not going to really say anything, i could get mad here but instead i jsut want to say 'have a nice day'" then she walked off. I Pulled out my $20 and left it as the tip (the check would have been $22 or so + tip anyhow) walked out the door and said via con dios to the manager and the host staff as i passed by.

The bar tender who ahd snuck me a free tripple shot of whiskey before my food got out was in my psych class this morning, "I cant believe she did that, Ive heard 'Airmen' talk to our staff worse than that" (there is a airforce base ehre in town)


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If it makes you feel better, I was kicked out of the Renaissance Festival for having a fight with some drunk hic. It came to the point where both of us were bleeding and a heavy set woman, with a beard that any man would envy, had to 'escort' us out of the festival.

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Haha Lee, that's horrible.

I feel for you Stork, that is retarted. I guess I will learn your lesson and be careful what I say in restaurants..



Stork, Did randee give any signs of offence to what you where saying? or was she going along with it? well in any case she should have said something or walked away :| People like that should not be able to work at a bar if there going to lose there customers Geez, after all there was a bar there, so im sure some drunk people talked worse, if that was to happen to me id be like Wtf? what did i do lol

And Leecho did you happen to let the words "Cough Needs a shave Cough" Slip out?


That is crazy... Even if you said something much worse as an off-color comment it did not warrant that behavior.

The manager's appropriate reaction, since he was not there so had no actual facts, should have removed the hostess from being a hostess since she is clearly incapable of dealing with the public. Certainly shouldn't have waited until the end of the meal to deal with it like that.

Clearly, he is sleeping with the hostess or wants to sleep with the hostess.

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linky said:
Clearly, he is sleeping with the hostess or wants to sleep with the hostess.

I agree. There's no way I could see that simple comment warranting being banned from the place.

Welcome to the forums Linky!

Will Nave

Go to the better business bureau with a complaint of reverse discrimination... She shouldn't have been nosy enough to pry into your business, if she really didn't want to know how you felt. I say worse things in public all the time, I would have told the stupid #@$%^ to sick my duck if she didn't like it.


OMFG! WHat bullshit!!!!

Seriously, had it been me, i would have fought it toe to toe with that manager. And have her repeat EXACTLY what i said to that hostess. WORD FOR WORD! So that i could defend my posision. Thats some serious horse shit right there.

In other related news...

I was kicked out of a pizza parlor i went to every weekend once. All of the LAN group guys, and people from our OOOOOLLLLLD M.U.D. and BBS would come and hong out, a group of about 15 of us. One of them, my buddy Tim, got a job there.

Anyway, long story short.

Tim had a day off that had been scheduled with the owner for MONTHS. I was discussing plans with him one afternoon while he was working about when and where i was going to pick him up (as he didnt have a car at the time). And as we are discussing it...this bitch he worked with walked over and was all "YOU CANT TAKE THAT DAY OFF!!!" And we are all like...."what...?" And she procedes to go off on a tangen about how her man is getting out of jail that day and she gonna go bob his knob in the KMart parking lot before he starts selling ICEE's or some stupid shit. So anyway, shes totally going off at Tim about it, and talking about how shes going to go talk to Crystal (the owners wife) about it, and set this straight. So i looked at Tim and said "You gonna put up with that shit? I wouldent let a whore talk to me like that." And she went "OMFG!!! WHAT THE F*&K DID YOU SAY TO ME!" "I said your talking like a stupid whore to Tim...now STFU, hes had this day off for months. ANd just becuase you squat hump crystal in the salami freezer doesnt mean shit, now get your skank ass out of my face, and stop screaming at me" So she goes crying back into the back office where Crystal is, and then Crystal come sout and tells me to leave. I tell her to take a hike, that if anyone is going to tell me to leave, its Dale (the owner). Tim by now has gone back to tossing dough, and letting me duke it out with the bitches.

Anyway, she eventually threatens to call the cops on me. So i said "go ahead". So the cops arive, and i explain what the situation is. And fortunately the cop was preaty damn cool, and was just like "Ma'am, you should be a little more respectful of others, and not be so balagerent" "sir, i guess its time you and i left...you have anything to say to the owner?" prompting me for a sorry...so ofcourse i said "you made a big mistake crystal...not only are you going to be loosing 10-15 GUARENTEED customers every weekend, but you are going to loose the little league baseball tourniment awards dinner (which was coached by my brother in law), the pigme football dinners (which was coached by one of my best friends dad), and ill do my best to see this place shut down in a year.

So i then proceded to go to the BBB, claiming to be a former employee, and told them that they should have the state auditor look into possible tax evasion, and insurence violations. 5 months later the states audited the place. 2 months after that they went bankrupt from fines. Closing down not only his pizza establishment, but also the one his father owned, becuase they where joint.

The best part....the bitch with the attitude that was Crystals buddy, got arrested on the day her boyfriend got out. Aparently she was speeding from the county jail to KMart so her man could go to work, when she got pulled over. Well, she didnt stop untill she had gotten tot he KMart parking lot...and when she got out, her crack pipe fell out of her purse. And becuase she had drug parafanalia on her, and her boyfriend was on porole, he got locked back up for another 6 months, and she was arrested and spent 14 days in jail, not only for posesion, but for a former warrent she had for an auto accident failing to show in court. Oooops.

I ran into Crystal and Dale about 8 months after they had closed...it was at Costco...i looked at Crystal as i passed by and said "Hows the Whore?" She immidiatly burst into tears. And Dale shot me a dirty look and walked the other way.

Hhehehehehe....god im such an ass hole.

But the real moral of the story is...Edit: Not appropriate talk for these forums. - Rob
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Damn. I thought I was evil, but that's just awesome. Can I be your disciple, Buck-O?

The wise teachings are avliable to those who are an ass enough to accpet thtem.