I like diamonds in my teef


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I am a huge fan of rap and hip-hop, but I am very disappointed in where the genre of music is heading towards.
Before, hip-hop and rap (along with other styles of music) used to stand for something. It had something to proove.
There are few artists that stick true to it's roots like Dead Prez, the Roots, Tribe Called Quest and so on, but you never hear their stuff on the radio. All you hear is about ignorant blithering arseholes droning on about bling, 28" gold plated rims, hoes, reefer, and gold plated teeth.

Just like Punk music, Hip-hop is dead.

Greg King

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I wouldn't say its dead, just on vacation.

I love me some OutKast, Kanye West.....this is what I see as intelligent "rap". All the material shit everyone is doing is of no interest to me at all.


Another fad that will soon die away like many before it......

Kinda scary though - I really do wonder about the world sometimes.

Once everyone has their "grillz" it ceases to be cool and the herd moves on to the next thing...........which the 'trendsetters' were already doing or wearing a year ago. Kinda funny actually. :D

Rob Williams

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The problem is, is that the majority of these fads are absolutely rediculous. Whoever thinks having a single Gold tooth is an idiot. I just don't get where people think these fads are 'cool'.


Partition Master
Its stuff like this only a rappers could want; I mean there is a song about having "grills". Also sweet avatar Rob. NOFX rocks and I just got their new album.


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So many diamonds in my teeth you can't see no gold
Hundred ki's in the streets, every week no O
Certified G, a young nigga so cold
It's the Pimp Squad Clique, pun- I mean... Yeah, those things are rediculous!

I really just thing it's a way of getting attention and trying to set yourself apart. I don't see why people would need to if they only acted appropriately. Why do you need to try to be flashy and act like something you're not? I think it's to make up for something they don't have. ;)
I personally can't stand "new" rap. It's garbage, right in line with Britney, Christina, and whoever else the flavor of the day is. Back when I was younger, I listened to NWA, Run-DMC, the other originators. They used their own music, made their own loops, and actually had a message..............maybe one I didn't agree with, but it was there.

TBH, there isn't a "hip-hop" artist out there worth a single gold tooth today. One of the highlights of the original rap movement was the musicality, the rhythym, the feel.........brother, I was at a party a few months ago, a buddy of mine (one of the hosts) and I were messing around with Reason, just sticking loops together, and some white guy from Jersey started rapping. I hit the drumkit, another guy got out a guitar, we played music over a loop, with this guy freestyle rapping, old-school style. It rocked. Blew away anything on the radio today. Thought, music, continuity, something more than "I gots my ho's and some fancy watch" crap.

And no, I'm not a rap fan, by any means, but I like music. If it's good, I like it, doesn't matter if it's rap, rock, country, or jazz. This kid had talent at spinning a rhyme, it was a blast playing that impromptu gig.


["I feel the same way about Hummer owners."]


The number of ego driven people I see driving around in oversized cars in their expensive clothes with their expensive wives is quite scary. Not trying to say I'm perfect, as I'm probably coming across as overly judgemental. However the superficiality of today's world is truly frightening. To a lot of people, your car is more important than your personality. I choose to stay away from such people these days.