Halo 3 Gone Gold

Rob Williams

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From our news:
According to Microsoft's Gamerscore blog, Halo 3 has finally gone gold and is now preparing for it's Sept 25 launch. I am not a massive Halo fan like some, but it's hard not to be excited about this one... it just looks incredible! Also according to the blog is that the developers are gearing up to shatter day-one sales records, which was originally set by Halo 2 way back in November of 2004. With all this hype, it might just happen.

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Three years in the making by renowned developer Bungie Studios, “Halo 3” is now finished and will begin its journey to store shelves around the world in less than four weeks. “Halo 3,” which has already set new records as the fastest preordered game in history, has exceeded one million presales in North America alone. The title is set to shatter day-one entertainment sales records when it is released worldwide beginning Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Source: Gamerscore
Can't... wait...


It's gonna be great..I know that one of my friends is gonna be happy when it comes out because he pre-ordered it around the time of the original release date, and he got the $100+ version, the one with the helmet. I think that the release will more and likely shatter the one-day sale of Halo 2. Its a great series done by a really awesome company. All we can do it wait and see.


I'd normally let this pass me by as I prefer shooters on my PC, but it has 4 player co-op, which is awesome! Wish more games would have co-op...


4 player co-op!! I've been waiting for a decent shooter that comes in multiplayer, always end up goin to mates house and playing on his playstation, and getting whooped. Now i can use my keyboard and kick his ass!!