Gentoo Linux 12.0 Live DVD Released

Rob Williams

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Being a rolling-release distribution, the release of a "new" Gentoo Linux DVD isn't as exciting as it is to see a new Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE and so forth. But the release of 12.0 is still notable because it allows those who have been wanting to test the distro out the ability to do so rather easily.


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Looks interesting, but I'm much more interested in learning more about the smaller 'unsung' Linux distros, such as Black Panther OS, or Dearm Linux, etc. All-in-all, however, Gentoo looks really cool, maybe even cool enough for me to try via Virtual Box some day?


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That Black Panther OS looks pretty cool. I'm not that into KDE, though. I prefer a more minimal windowing environment. Ever seen awesome/?
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