FS: Refurbished/New Dell 2007WFP

For Sale:

Dell 2007WFP - $320
I'm selling a refurbished 2007WFP I received from Dell a few days ago (the only way you would know it was "refurbished" is if you saw the box). It was sent to replace my defective monitor.

The monitor is a revision A04 with an S-IPS panel (the serial number ends in "L"). It has only been powered on once to check for defects.

I'm selling the monitor for $320 plus half of the shipping costs. Price would definitely be negotiable if it somehow costs more than Dell's price.


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Status: PayPal Verified
Preferred payment: Non-CC PayPal or money order


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Holy smokes, that's a hell of a deal. I guess this is the non-HC version as this isn't mentioned?

If I didn't already have a 2407 A03 I'd jump on this!