FS: 16.92GHz Processor

Greg King

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Is that on DICE? Could you run Pi on that? I want to know that's a completely stable OC before I consider taking that off of your hands. Would you be willing to trade for it?


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Do you have your gun in Kennesaw?....LOL

I'm over here in Acworth, imagine that



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No, you don't have to own a gun if you have reason not to such as being a felon or object to owning firearms. I object to owning firearms because if I did I'd end up using it.

I work in Acworth :) I work in the bindery at Seiz Printing.

The one is says in the picture :p

I kind of cheated. It's not necessarily the boards fault, but I can't go into deeper detail than that.

Ah, I missed that. Too bad it's a P35 based board, when I make the move to 775 (in the distant future) the setup I go with has got to support SLI but I wouldn't mind a mobo that will glitch to display crazy numbers like that just for laughs.
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