Does the FBI Care More About Copyright Issues than Missing Persons?

Rob Williams

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI for short, formed in 1908 with the goal to investigate crime and ultimately, serve justice. Over the years, it's helped put many people behind bars, and as an avid watcher of America's Most Wanted, I have seen many times how the FBI has helped, with both finding missing persons and also putting the worst of the worst kind of people behind bars.


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Greg King

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I think this is more low hanging fruit than a reallocation of resources. I'm sure its easier to track down "pirates" than it is to track down missing persons. Regardless of what is actually happening, it certainly isn't good PR.


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Because if they keep putting enough of a front up, it provides enough of a case to restrict the internet on the grounds of protecting capitalism, and the rights for corporations to make money.

They have to go through the motions now so that they can make everyone's life miserable later.
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