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Im home for the summer and most of my internet use must be on this laptop that my father bought for buisnees contract drafts. Its works great for him and his needs so thats never a problem. The problem is that the text shown on the screen while in IE, AIM, Yahoo and other such applications.

Mostly the text looks like it is in bold and over sized but ocassionally as is the case with this website and Hotmail, its distorts the entire page.

An help would be appreciated.

Will Nave

Open up IE... (I rarely ever suggest this. :p ) and go to the View menu and choose Text Size, then decrease the size and see if that helps. Then I suggest you navigate your IE browser to http://www.mozilla.org and download the latest version of Firefox and a bunch of plug-ins for it.

Let us know how everything works out.


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Here is an odd as hell fix for a similar issue I have on our D600 laptops.

We have an app at my company that has some GUIS where the text comes out blocky and unreadable. All other text in the desktop and any other apps remain fine. Only that one app.

Solution! Catch this one:

Open up your Display Properties. Click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button. On the General tab, you should see a drop down list for DPI settings...

The laptops were set to 120, and I dumped them back to 96, then rebooted the laptop. Brought up the suspect app and saw the text displaying properly...

Went *back* to the Advanced Display properties section and set them *back* to 120... rebooted...

ANd then the apps displayed the text properly for ever and ever.

Wierd... wierd... wierd.... I know... but it worked for me.

Try manipulating the DPI, and see if that helps out at all. It's worth a shot! Worked for me!

Rob Williams

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Good idea Tech, I never thought of that one before. I'm sure I'll need that in the future.

I have messed up my text in the past as well, but it's because I overwrote certain fonts with ones that were modified, and ended up being standard fonts. If you didn't add any new fonts to your system, then ignore me.


Tech Monkey
Ya know... I had never thought of this either... but despair has a way of making you try *anything* to figure out a problem!


The One, The Only...
It was set to 96 when i opened it.

WHen i set it to 120 the text distortion on the messaging programs returned and there was no difference in the IE settings. I then returned it back to 96 and not the IM programs work fine, but the IE is still screwed.


The One, The Only...
Problem solved

I just remembered that I never updated this.

The problem was that the screen setting in windows was set on "High Contrast mode" which really changed up the text on almost every program, locked the only available dpi to 96, and made pictures and website look distorted. Once I took it off of its high contrast settings everything became normal! :)