Dark Reign


Tech Monkey
Has anyone else played this game? It was released in '97, and was overshadowed by other RTS's of the day (anything with Westwood or Blizzard stamped on the box)I remember playing this day and night.

Now you can download it for free here http://darkreign.ws/.

It worked on Windows XP and Vista, but in 7 there's a color issue (correctable by killing explorer.exe before you launch the game, strangely enough).


Tech Monkey
Apparently the taskbar takes up too many of the game's 256 colors. None of the compatibility options in 7 help, unfortunately.


The One, The Only...
You may be able to solve the problem by using specific themes then. (Aero vs non aero)

I am sure there is a way without killing explorer. That is probably the fastest way for most people though.


Im sure I saw it at one point, but like others, I was way too into the Blizzard scene at the time. (I hate AoE) In 97 though, I would have been playing Diablo II.
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