Custom Laptops........


Partition Master
Most of the people here, it seems, other than myself, has built a desktop, but I was wondering if any one here has ever built a custom laptop before? Is it even possible, as I'm not sure I ever came across an article on the subject of building a laptop?

I plan to build my first desktop, when time permits, but since I'm also planning to buy my first laptop my curiosity has really got me wondering as to whether or not its feasible?

Is it?

If so, if I ever get around to building a desktop that doesn't blow up in my stupid face, electricutes me, or brings down the entire North East power grid, I will try building a laptop?

Rob Williams

Staff member
You can build a laptop, you just need to get ahold of a base. I believe ASUS sells "basic" laptops that you can customize. To me, it's a total waste of time though. It will only inconvenience you in trying to find all the appropriate parts and such, and making sure everything works together well. I like pre-built laptops because I know they were designed to work efficiently.