Cooler Master Eisberg


Partition Master
Not to be confused with Eisbaer, Cooler Master announced the Eisberg at CEBIT 2012.

Made in Germany, 'nuff said.

I know I've been wrong to get excited about large-rad CPU coolers only to have my dreams crushed by interminable waits (yeah you, Asetek) but Cooler Master has never let me down. This cooler will be the one, oh yes.

Rob Williams

Staff member
I'm intrigued. I appreciate the fact that the barbs are "real", in that the rad or pump could be put into an existing setup, but I am wondering what kind of price premium that is going to have. We're going to be reaching a point where a good CPU cooler will cost $150, which for a ton of people is half of what they paid for their CPU! Or even much less in some cases.

Still, I'd love to see the performance of this thing vs. competing products.


Techgage Staff
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Yeah, the premium CPU waterblocks have reached a plateau. There literally isn't any real way to increase the heat transfer from the block to the water more than they already have. The last several blocks have only been able to shave 1-5 degrees off prior generations. I'd imagine the same will soon be true of the self-contained units pretty soon as well.