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Some of you may be wondering about the avatar I’ve used throughout the month. It’s a CD cover from the ska band Sublime. In my opinion, Sublime is one of the most influential bands of the 90s. Nirvana inspired many bands out there, and I strongly believe Sublime had the same effect.
There are not too many recent ska bands that make it big. The most notable recently would be No Doubt, until Gwen decided to split off and make incredibly shitty music. Ska is a very unique genre of music... it has Jamaican origins. Standard, old school ska is not really my taste, but bands like Sublime and Planet Smashers take it to the next level. It’s more of a ‘punk ska’.

Today marks the 10<sup>th</sup> anniversary since the death of the lead singer of Sublime. The death was caused by an accidental overdose of heroine, a drug Brad Nowell used for ‘inspiration’. Too often, musicians die before their time, and before they have a chance to really make their mark. Brad was one of them.

Most people here probably have not heard of Sublime, but they were inspirational to many, including me. I have not found a single music news site that mentioned the 10<sup>th</sup> anniversary, so I figured I should step forward and show that the fans still remember.

If this post has made you curious at all to what Sublime sounds like, give me a holler and I can shoot you a song.


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Of the few tunes that I know of their, they kick ass. Thank you for explaining the avatar! I was just wondering myself what the significance was.

Well timed explaination!


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Some of us were well aware of the anniversary. But thanks all the same for making it more public. Sublime truely hit me when I was going through my early teens and dealing with some issues. No Doubt was something my older sis rocked and I secretly enjoyed. (well not so secret anymore, damn you internet and my willinest to post this!)

Ska kicks ass!


I've been away for a while, glad to come back to to see a post about Brad. Everyday for the last two months, on my way to and from work, I listen to Riot, and Caress me down. I really like their style, it's a shame his career ended...

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It's awesome that so many people on the forums love Sublime as much as I do. I wasn't expecting it to be honest.

"I really like their style."

What impresses me about them, is the variety in their songs. They have so many songs that differ greatly from others. My favorite song is Don't Push, but other favorites are STP, New Song, New Realization, Superstar Punani.. ugh I could go on for a while =/