Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?


Six years on a 486, two years on a PII (with a Riva TNT2 upgrade a year later), and finally a Barton rig about three years ago. My current Barton 3200+ is, I believe, in its second year. I plan to ride this one for quite some time.


Hi, I was the guy who started the thread. The point of the thread was about your primary machine. Not old machines that you just happen to have laying around.

I was more asking how long do you get out of your primary machine. Myself, I try to get 3 years out of a computer, but often end up upgrading atleast 1 part during those 3 years.


Hmmms, never thought about this. I guess I get around 2 years out of my rig before needing to upgrade. Like I said, I never really thought about how long, and didn't time it. Pretty sure though that it is 2 years. Does that answer your question?


I got a machine that is one and a half years old. Because I overlocked the AMD processor when I built it (socket 939 AMD), it still runs plenty fast. Hope to get atleast another year and half out of it. 3 years is a good guess.


My machine is about 4 years old. I had plans on upgrading last year but got fired from my computer tech job so I couldn't make the ever so sweet 'employee purchase' anymore. 1024x768 seems fine in most new games.


I've got a variety of Sun computers that are all way past the three year mark - one SparcStation 20, three Ultra 1's, two Ultra 2's, an Ultra 5 and a Blade 100. Does that count? I've got a 7 year old Micron notebook and a 4 year old Toshiba. Prior to my new build, my last PC was good for around 5 years with just one motherboard replacement (the original died - I think I ended up downgrading.)


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13 Years old and still kicking!

I have a 13-year old Mac Color Classic, around the house, that is still kicking! You can't really do that much with it, but I still use it, from time-to-time, for the sheer novelty of it.

The little bugger should have up-and-died a long time ago, but it's 10-inch Sony Trintron monitor is still sharp and the computer is still peppy for a 16 mhz machine.

The amazing thing about it was the cost, at the time...... a whopping $1,200 CDN! But of course, it also had a whopping 120 megabyte hard drive and an incredible 4 megabytes of ram, as well as being the first computer designed to handle Quick Time!

In those days Quick Time reminded me of the post office..... the video's were all about the size of a postage stamp! :)

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I'm a performance whore, so I usually upgrade often. I don't usually run out and buy top notch things, but just what's good. I don't think I could be satisfied with a 3 year old computer, personally. I think every 2 years would be more reasonable.

Wow, a year later and I actually still agree with myself.


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Does the TJ07 come with the water cooling unit or did you add that in yourself and then take the pictures?
Heh, that depends on who you buy the case from. The guy I purchased the TJ07 from included two radiators and two pumps with it, but in general, you just get the case unless you order from a specialty shop (and thus pay extra for components and assembly).


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My constant upgrading has come to an end so I am also gonna ride out my current PC for some time to come. To hell with upgrading for no reason........


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Well... I am ~ a year and a half in with my current rig...

I may upgrade the processor at Christmas, and may be going to a 64 bit OS.

I do not foresee anything else within the next year. (maybe an upgrade on these 7800gt x2's)

Yeah... this rig will prob last me a good while though.


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Taking in to account the original poster's thought that this was for the primary rig... there is *no* way I could leave my rig alone for 3 years.
2 is the tops that I'll leave something alone.


I *try* to update every 2 years... I end up updating every 4 because there's always this "new thing" coming next month or something.

And I'm a software developper so fast hardware is important! I just announ ced to friends and family that I was getting a new computer and they all said I have enough of them already! They don't really get it, I think. :)

However the hardware I have right now is usually fast enough, programs used to take hours to compile, and now they take seconds, so I can live with 4 year old stuff. :)