Amiga OS5 To Best Mac OS X

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
I'm not a fan of OS X, but there is no denying that many people are. To make a statement that your upcoming OS is going to best OS X... it's huge. That's what president Bill McEwen said in an older interview, but a more recent interview shows that nothing has changed. I have never used Amiga, at least to my knowledge, but when someone makes such a bold statement, I tend to be a little curious. We'll find out more about Amiga OS5 in the next few months. While I'm doubtful it will blow our socks off like we are promised, it's going to be an interesting release regardless.

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Amiga Inc. Acting President Bill McEwen has given an update to Amiga OS5 of sorts. In a previous interview Bill had said of OS5: "The product that we are going to ship is going to be much better than OSX from Apple". "OS 5 is ahead of schedule, and we will be making public announcements concerning the product in the 4th quarter of this year."

Source: Slashdot


Maybe they should call up Palm and tell them to drop the vapourware next-gen Palm OS for the Amiga OS. :)

In fact I would love to run AmigaOS on my Palm... Anybody has an emulator? I can run C=64 games on it with frodo, but AmigaOS would rule. :)