4.7Ghz there is some hope after all.


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I was just redoing my machine and decided it might be time to update that bios. I was on a bios that happened to bring the initial ivy bridge support but there had been a few since affecting all areas. With a successful overclock its kinda hard to risk updating. BIOS support can effect stability.

Previously 4.4Ghz was rock solid and 4.5 was 99.9% stable at 1.38. I don't have a ton of time to do testing so I had been holding back at 4.3. Previously 4.6Ghz would not boot and 4.7Ghz would not even post with the settings i used.

Looky looky i can actually even boot 4.7:

Will be a couple days until i can retest 4.5 for 24 hours but I expect to see success. 5.0 however on this sample and cooling will never happen that was my original goal for this machine.
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Nice, I have been running my 2600k @ 4.8 since release (well almost) but I think I ought to look into an updated bios, maybe improve some stuff or lower vcore needed. Who knows?