180 Neighborhoods Met Google Fiber Quota, Rollout Begins Next Month


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It took a mere month-and-a-half for 180 neighborhoods around the dual Kansas City's to hop on the path to become 'fiberhoods', Google has announced. The company first announced its intention to rollout its jaw-dropping 1Gbit/s Internet service in Kansas City, MO and KS, and the response was staggering right out of the gate. While it'd seem likely that every neighborhood would reach its minimum sign-up goals, only 89% actually had.


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Only reason my town got lucky with FiOS is because we were the test bed for Southern Cali.

Rob Williams

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The same thing happened with my town oddly enough when DSL was first hitting the scene. It was awesome being on 3Mbit/s when most people I knew were on 56K or less.